Testing For And Dwelling With HIV

A regular HIV take a look at appears for antibodies in an individual’s blood. When HIV enters an individual’s physique, particular proteins are produced and these are referred to as p24 antigens. These antigens then rapidly disappear and are changed by antibodies. Antibodies are the physique’s response to an an infection. So if an individual has antibodies to HIV of their blood, it means they’ve been contaminated with HIV.

There are solely two exceptions to this rule. Firstly, infants born to constructive moms retain their mom’s antibodies for as much as 18 months, which suggests they might take a look at constructive on an HIV antibody take a look at, even when they’re really HIV unfavorable. Because of this infants born to constructive moms could obtain a PCR take a look at after delivery. Secondly, some individuals who have taken half in HIV vaccine trials could have HIV antibodies even when they aren’t contaminated with the virus

What’s a PCR take a look at

PCR checks detect the genetic materials of HIV itself, and may establish HIV within the blood inside two or three weeks of an infection.

Most individuals develop detectable HIV antibodies inside 6 to 12 weeks of an infection. In very uncommon instances, it could take as much as 6 months. It’s exceedingly unlikely that somebody would take longer than 6 months to develop antibodies.

Getting examined sooner than three months could end in an unclear take a look at end result, as an contaminated individual could not but have developed antibodies to HIV. Nonetheless, the individual could have already got excessive ranges of HIV of their blood, sexual fluids or breast milk. Somebody can transmit HIV to a different individual throughout the window interval despite the fact that they don’t take a look at constructive on an antibody take a look at. So it’s best to attend for a minimum of three months after the final time you have been in danger earlier than taking the take a look at, and abstain from unprotected intercourse or drug use with shared needles within the meantime.

Not-so-good issues about testing

There are some issues about having an HIV take a look at that are not so good:

* Discovering out that you’re constructive could be very traumatic¬†HIV Test and your high quality of life may endure.

* If others know you might have HIV you may get unhealthy reactions or really feel that you’re being talked about, though many individuals get good reactions too.

* Journey restrictions apply to individuals with HIV and chances are you’ll be restriced or denied entry into a rustic

* When you have had a constructive HIV take a look at end result it may be tough, though not inconceivable, to get life insurance coverage and/or a mortgage.

* In case you are ready for these prematurely, they’ll make it simpler to take the choice to have a take a look at, and take care of the after-effects.

* No matter you resolve there may be assist for you that can assist you attain that call.

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